The New Mexico Battle of the Books is a reading competition for students in grades 4-8. Children read and meet with their peers throughout the year, then enter a quiz-style battle in which they are asked about books that they have read from the year’s designated Battle of the Books reading list.

Teams are sponsored by schools, public libraries or other organizations, and compete in either the Elementary or Middle School Division. Students in grades 4-5 compete in the Elementary Division, while students in grades 7-8 compete in the Middle School Division. Sixth graders can participate in either Elementary School or Middle School levels. While teams enter the Statewide Battle as a group, when they arrive at the Battle, participants are placed on mixed teams that consist of children from other schools all over the state.

The New Mexico Battle of the Books encourages the youth of New Mexico to read high quality literature, have fun, collaborate with others, and compete in demonstrating their knowledge of books.

For the past few years there have been two Battle of the Books competitions on the same date, a NM state Battle and an Albuquerque area regional Battle.  There are two main reasons for holding two Battles on the same day.  The first is because by holding two Battle on the same day there are fewer participants at each.  This makes it more manageable for both sites to organize and run their competitions.  Secondly, we have heard from many sponsors that travelling far distances and the associated costs can make it very hard for their teams to participate in Battles.  As a sponsor, you can choose to register your team for either Battle, whichever one is more convenient for you.  Both of the Battles use the same books, questions, format and rules.

The NM Battle of the Books steering committee meets twice a year and is very open to your suggestions, questions and participation.  Our goal is to ensure that Battle of the Books competitions take place in New Mexico every year.  We help connect past site coordinators to upcoming Battle site coordinators.  We have been developing and maintaining a database of information that is useful for Battle of the Books site coordinating committees.  Please contact anyone on the steering committee with questions or input.